Gwynneth VanLaven is an artist and educator whose practice includes photography, installation, writing, performance, and social engagement. VanLaven received her BA from Knox College in Multimodal Language: Verbal Visual, and Kinesic Systems (an independent, cross-disciplinary major) with a minor in photography.  In 2010 she received her MFA from George Mason University in Critical Art Practice, also a multimodal course of study. VanLaven taught visual thinking, aesthetics, and new media art at the School of Art at George Mason University, until recently relocating to Ann Arbor, Michigan.

G VanLaven

Gwynneth’s visual and written works have been shown in numerous exhibitions and publications including in The Washington Post and Performance Research, and at the Smithsonian Institution and the Kennedy Center. In addition to her solo art practice, VanLaven works as a part of The Floating Lab Collective, a group of artists dedicated to social engagement and activism through interactive and inclusive art, working with local, national, and international scope.  Gwynneth presented reflections on a Floating Lab project to the 2014 Association of Art Historians Conference at the Royal College of Art in London.